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Shielding Your Covering

In this book, Apostle Terry explains how the three basic kinds of prayer -- personal, partnership, and panoramic prayer -- are important for putting congregations in a position of Spiritual Authority, covering their pastors just as the pastors are their spiritual covering.

Married to Faith

Many books offer advice on how to build lasting relationships with people in an effort to answer these questions and more.  But in this exciting and informative book, Married to Faith, Apostle Bertha F. Terry provides practical insights on how to become so intensely involved with your Faith in God that you realize that you are never alone and never without hope.  Apostle Terry is convinced that you can be married to a "concept" before or rather than a person, and ultimately fill every void and every unsure place in your life.

Integrity of the Rib

Enjoy this exciting book and learn the true meaning of Rib Integrity.  Apostle Terry gives an in-depth explanation of rib integrity as she takes you through the scriptures from the book of Genesis and explores the principles of rib integrity.  By the end of the book you'll understand that it is God's desire for us to be true men and women of integrity.

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